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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy Asarto products: ink cartridges / toner cartridges / ribbons?

We cooperate with resellers across the country. Call the hotline Asarto - 801 500 907 and our consultant will show you the nearest point  where you can buy Asarto products.

2. Which ink cartridge / toner cartridge / ribbon Asarto will fit into my printing device?

Visit our website www.asarto.pl where you can easily find the right product for your printer. Just enter brand, model, type of the printer device that you have. You can always call the Asarto hotline 801 500 907 - where you will receive professional help.

3. How much can I save by using Asarto products?

Check how much you can gain by buying Asarto- use profit calculator on www.asarto.pl.  Enter a product code, your prices and purchase volumes to see how much you can gain. It is easy.

4. Are Asarto products warranted?

Our ink and toner cartridges are warranted FOR LIFE and dot matrix printer ribbons for 24 months. We shall not be responsible for:

• physical damage (including codes removed from the cartridge) caused by a user or by accident;
• products with spent printing medium (ink or toner). Verification based on product weight control, required 10% of the weight of the colorant.

5. Where to file a complaint?

Defective product should be reported at the point of sale, providing proof of purchase.

6. What about the legal warranties from the printer manufacturers when using Asarto products?

Using our products will not void the legal warranties from the printer manufacturers.

7. How to return a spent ink or toner cartridge for recycling?

We recycle spent Asarto ink and toner cartridges for free - You are responsible for the cost of shipment. Send or bring the emptied cartridge(s) to one of the following addresses:

80-557 Gdańsk
ul. Załogowa 6

T. +48 58 762 06 74

40-585 Katowice
ul. Połomińska 16

T. +48 32 257 24 89 

31-553 Kraków
ul. Fabryczna 20a

T. +48 12 41 06 47

61-733 Poznań
ul. Nowowiejskiego 39

T. +48 61 853 45 99

32-125 Rzeszów
ul. Lewakowskiego 4

T. +48 17 850 42 30

05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
ul. Kręta 4

T. +48 22 100 88 00

53-609 Wrocław
ul. Fabryczna 14

T. +48 71 344 25 06

For shipment via a courier service, place the following note in the waybill: “UTYLIZACJA” (“Recycling”).

8. What conditions should meet ink and toner cartridges returned for recycling?



  • Items returned for recycling should be sorted and protected against spillage in transport.
  • The cartridge(s) should be clean.
  • Your shipment should come with the Waste Handover Form you can download from www.asarto.pl. Specify the name of your company/institution and waste type and quantity. If you want to receive the certificate, specify the name, NIP (tax ID), REGON (business registration number), address and phone number of your company.



9. Why I can not put the cartridge / toner in the printer?


Make sure that all the protections of cartridge / toner has been removed. Each cartridge / toner has special transport protections that must be removed before installing it in the printer. Remove protections and re-install product in the printer.

NOTE! Some cartridges have two transport protections. Before installing the product, it is necessary to remove these two securities.

Make sure that the cartridge / toner is compatible with your printer. If you are unsure you can call the Asarto helpline- 801 500 907. If the product is not compatible with your device, under any circumstances do not try to install it. Make sure that the product is not mechanically damaged. Take a look at the product, if the product has obvious signs of damage, do not try to install it, install the product free from defects. Mechanical damages of Asarto products are not covered by the product warranty.

Info line: 801 500 907

Manufacturer / Distributor
POLCAN, Sales Office: ul. Kręta 4, 05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland

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